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Schwarzer Cardiotek receives government grant to develop intelligent feedback technology that will increase safety of cardiac ablation procedures

Schwarzer Cardiotek GmbH today announced that it has been awarded a research and development grant by the Zentrale Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM) a federal program that supports innovation of German technology companies. The grant is designed to support a cooperation project with Livetec GmbH (Lörrach, Germany), a manufacturer of radio frequency ablation technology for cardiac procedures. Through the project, Schwarzer Cardiotek intends to integrate its electrophysiology platform EP-TRACER with Livetec’s ablation system LiveCath. Through interactive feedback technology, the combined platform will improve workflow and enhance patient safety in two ways:

  1. EP-TRACER will be able to operate LiveCath via its intuitive user interface
  2. The combined setup will leverage the outstanding signal quality of the EP-TRACER platform to detect potential issues during the ablation procedure early on and provide a direct feedback to LiveCath, enabling the system to stop ablation in order to prevent potential damage or complications.

„One of the most frequent complications in ablation procedures is to encounter unwanted harm or burn to the surrounding tissue, our feedback technology will provide the physician with an additional safety mechanism that will prevent complications arising from undetected artifacts and inform the physician’s ablation strategy.” explains Frank-Peter Klein, CEO of Schwarzer Cardiotek.

“Having been an innovation leader in electrophysiology, our mission is to find innovative ways to improve diagnostic capabilities and built intelligent algorithms that inform and support physicians, reduce the risk of complications and improve efficiency in the cathlab. This project directly contributes to our mission and we are excited that the grant committee recognizes the potential of our project”, continues Klein.