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evolution natal

The hemodynamic measuring system for pediatrics

Equipped with comprehensive functionalities for left and right heart catheterization as well as for pediatrics, the evolution natal meets the requirements of modern examination methods perfectly.

The system records, measures and analyzes hemodynamic parameters.

Intuitive Operation

  • Combining the benefits of a digital display with the haptic feedback of a traditional keyboard, the Smart Keyboard offers an intuitive user interface to support a streamlined workflow.
  • Commonly used functions, such as record, zero pressure, and measurement positions are all available via intuitive icons and a single key press.
  • The Smart Keyboard enhances the systems intuitive software GUI and simple mouse controlled features, such as clicking and draging for curve segment definition and automatic measurement.

The following parameters and respective indexes are calculated:

  • body surface area (BSA)
  • cardiac output
  • vascular resistances
  • valve opening areas
  • all shunts

evolution natal