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EASI Lead System

Single use electrodes

In the cath lab, the significance of hemodynamic results depends highly on the quality of ECG signals. The EASI lead system has been clinically validated and can be used for ECG monitoring.

By using a special algorithm and the appropriate positioning of only 5 electrodes, data for the 12 standard leads is collected.

This concept is validated especially for interventional use and enables the user to monitor special chest wall leads without interfering with x-ray images.

Benefits of the EASI Lead System

  • Fewer interfering electrodes and electrode leads
  • Displays all 12 standard leads simultaneously using only 5 electrodes
  • Outstanding signal transmission provided by the multi-layer technology
  • Fewer motion artifacts
  • Reduced interference during clinical procedures
  • No reusable cables come into contact with the patient – reducing the risk of cross infection and simplifying patient preparation
  • Eliminates the need to clean electrode leads after the exam

The adhesive electrodes are firmly attached to the patient and connected to the corresponding leads, reducing transmission resistances and increasing signal quality. The single use product must be replaced for each patient.

EASI Lead System