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Cardiology information system for the cardiac cath lab

Optimal workflow support
In collaboration with clinical partners we developed cardWorks, a system designed to optimize workflow in the cath lab and to simplify report generation.

Consistent recording and distribution
By fully merging the cardiology information modules with the hemodynamic system and by communicationg with all linked modalities and systems via standard interfaces, cardWorks ensures consistent distribution and availability of patient and exam information within the clinic network.

Documentation of the examination

Recording the exam

All hemodynamic events are recorded automatically in a chronological report, due to complete integration with the monitoring system. All relevant events (e.g., stent implantation) can be documented using the intuitive, windows-based menus.

In addition to recording complications and time spent by personnel, consumption is also documented across product groups.

Hemodynamic view of the heart

The hemodynamic view of the heart efficiently documents pathological changes of the heart chambers, septum, heart walls and large vessels near the heart and displays the measurements and findings in annotation boxes.

Coronary view of the heart

The morphology of the coronary arteries of an examined patient can be modeled in the coronary view. Furthermore, the graphical representation of bypasses is supported. Findings are presented graphically and comprise of strictures and interventions including precise documentation of the stricture morphology, measurements (FFR) and the materials used for the Intervention.

Medical findings

Using the data recorded during the exam, cardWorks automatically generates a graphical representation as well as report text of the findings and of the procedure.

The graphics can be easily adjusted to show various treatment methods and other morphological features (e.g., bypass, stent, valve replacement). In addition, the report can be modified and completed with minimum effort using customized text components.

Modules currently available in German only .

cardWorks can be configured with various modules:

  • Base module
  • Graphical reporting for heart and coronaries
  • Graphical reporting for peripheral vessels
  • Material management
  • Indication with ICD codes and OPS
  • Automatic generation of report text
  • Statistics
  • HL7 ADT
  • HL7 ORM
  • HL7 MDM
  • HL7 BAR
  • HL7 DFT

DICOM WLM inbound SCU (R. 1.0)

  • BQS export
  • Connectivity to Xcelera
  • Connectivity to current CIS

(Not cleared for sale in the USA)