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EP-TRACER 2 Portable

Portable EP recording system with built-in stimulator

Unique, small, and convenient

The EP-TRACER 2* device can be used with a portable controller and is the first full-featured portable EP system with built-in stimulator.

EP-TRACER is the first and only full-featured EP recording system that can be transported in carry-on luggage.

EP-TRACER Portable

The EP-TRACER 2 software provides an intuitive interface that supports your requirements at every stage of the procedure:

  • Special display modes, such as triggered mode, pressure mode and multiple user-configurable split-screen modes provide the perfect framework to display data from multiple sources, incl. the latest cryo-ablators
  • One-touch allow for the seamless operation of the EP-TRACER 2 within your preferred workflow
  • Review of reporting and results from anywhere in the hospital network using our specialized review software

EP-TRACER 2 Portable system features

  • Excellent signal quality
  • Innovative compact design
  • Operates using standard hardware
  • Fast and easy installation

EP-TRACER 2 Portable device characteristics

  • 12 surface ECG channels
  • 20, 52, or 84 bipolar intra-cardiac channels
  • 6 auxiliary channels e.g. invasive blood pressure
  • Built-in stimulator with 2 outputs

* EP-TRACER with software version 2

The trade mark EP-TRACER is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

EP-TRACER 2 Portable

EP-TRACER Portable