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evolution ProCart

The mobile hemodynamic measurement and recording system

The evolution ProCart represents the next generation of mobile hemodynamic measurement systems. Offering a convenient solution for hybrid labs where mobile equipment is a must.

With a streamlined design the evolution ProCart can be rapidly moved between laboratories as required.

Displays results for the operator
In addition to the real-time signals, the slave monitor lists chronologically all historical measurements with the user-defined conditions.

The following parameters and respective indexes are calculated:

  • body surface area (BSA)
  • cardiac output
  • vascular resistances
  • valve opening areas
  • all shunts

Full Disclosure File
All signals are recorded automatically and can be reviewed and documented fully and retrospectively after an examination.

Measuring positions
In addition to 12 standard measuring points, further measuring points may be configured. The standard measuring algorithms can be assigned as desired to the newly generated points.

evolution ProCart