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EP-TRACER 2 for CSP-Procedures

The portable electrophysiological Measurement system to support Conduction System Pacing (CSP)-Procedures

The innovative electrophysiological measurement system is perfectly suited to support CSP implantations due to specific excellent features. With its fully-integrated stimulator it assists the programmer unit during pacing lead placement.

With the EP-TRACER 2 the morphology of the 12-channel surface ECG can be displayed  simultaneously during stimulation. Due to its small and handy footprint, the EPT 2 can be easily hand carried to any place where the user may want to put it into operation.

EP-T Portable CSP
HIS Signal

The special amplifier and intelligent filters provide sharply defined His signals – a valuable orientation aid for the placement of the electrode.

The amplifier allows the connection of a 12-channel surface ECG and 2 additional His channels.

12-channel surface ECG allows immediate control of the stimulation point, for example in the His bundle, and thus provides a better overview of all derivatives in the heart.

All signals can be displayed simultaneously and clearly on a monitor during stimulation (ECG and His). In addition, the morphologies of the signals can be compared via the split screen.

If necessary, invasive blood pressure can be displayed.

The system is a small, handy and mobile device, making it the only portable system in the world. It takes 5 minutes to set it up.

So it can also be easily used in a standard implementation room. Advantage: better utilization of the rooms, waiting times are reduced and additional treatments are possible.

The EP-TRACER is used for clinical EP examinations and has a fully integrated stimulator, which can be used in parallel to the pacemaker or the programmer,
if necessary.

Split screen

EP-TRACER 2 for CSP-Procedures