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Schwarzer Cardiotek launches a new generation of electrophysiology systems

Coloured in red and grey, like the corporate colours of the medical technology company Schwarzer Cardiotek, the new generation of electrophysiology systems present themselves in a new look. The name EP-TRACER 2 remains, as do the name additions “Portable” for the compact, portable system and “Stationary” for systems with fix installation in the lab. Only the name “MobileCart” changes to “ProCart”.

The Generation 2020 adapts to a modern laboratory environment with its sleek design and small footprint. Technically, it contains all the strengths of its predecessors: excellent signal quality, integrated 2-channel stimulator with high output, a display for cryo ablation and various display modes. The new Smart Keyboard allows for intuitive operation during the investigation and combines the advantages of a digital display with the haptic resonance of a traditional keyboard. A must-have for the security needs of today’s IT environment: the new EP-TRACER 2 runs on Windows 10 IoT!

Customers who want to combine electrophysiology with hemodynamics receive with the evolution duo a modern system featuring the functionality of both specialty areas. Last year, Schwarzer Cardiotek presented evolution as its product launch highlight; the evolution hardware platform is optimally suited to enhance advantages of the new EP-TRACER generation.

Smart Keyboard EP-TRACER 2
Smart Keyboard EP-TRACER 2