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German Heart Center Berlin invests into evolution – three new hemo recording systems added

The hemodynamic recording system evolution natal was especially developed for use in pediatric cath labs. The German Heart Center Berlin is the second pediatric site that uses the new evolution natal in their children’s and adult’s cath lab. In total three systems were added.

evolution natal allows the interventional cardiologists to use all features of the new evolution series: a lean amplifier with all vital sign measurements, a permanently operating PC, the Smart Keyboard, standardized interfaces and an optional connection to PedCath.

Technical challenges during the installation could be quickly overcome in collaboration with the users. Particularly outstanding was the quick installation and go-live time: The installation was completed in all three labs in only six weeks.

Evolution is the first hemodynamic system based on Windows 10 IoT. As Microsoft discontinued Windows 7 support many users have a strong motivation to invest into the sustainable version of Windows 10 like the German Heart Center Berlin.