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Boston Children` s Hospital with 1st installation of an EP-TRACER ProCart

Portability in EP brings new possibilities for patients

We congratulate  Boston Children’s Hospital for the 1st US EP-TRACER ProCart installation. This portable EP recording system, with a built-in stimulator, will be used for pediatric intraoperative conduction system mapping, NICU bedside EP studies, and overflow hybrid cath lab EP mapping.

Main features include a compact footprint, built-in stimulator, intuitive easy-to-use software, upright and eye-level signal analysis and operation, and high signal quality. Portability in EP brings new possibilities for patients.

This is the 2nd EP-TRACER system up and running in Boston. Happy for the pediatric electrophysiologists at Boston Children´s Hospital and congratulations to our  team from Fischer Medical in the US!