EP-TRACER 2 Stationary

EP recording system with built-in stimulator

The EP-TRACER 2* Stationary setup generally has two high resolution displays inside the EP lab and two in the control room. One display shows the real-time signals, white other displays the EP-TRACER special presentation modes.
The physician handling the catheters gets the same visual information as the operator at the control desk.
The EP-TRACER device is installed below or close to the patient table using a fiber optic connection to the control desk PC.

EP-TRACER 2 device characteristics

  • 12 surface ECG channels
  • 20 (EP-TRACER 2 32), 52 (EP-TRACER 2 70), or 84 (EP-TRACER 2 102) bipolar intracardiac channels
  • 6 auxiliary channels, e.g. invasive blood pressure
  • Built-in stimulator with 2 outputs
  • User-selectable stimulation possible on intracardiac channels without external wiring
  • USB connection to PC
  • Isolated power supply

* EP-TRACER with new Software version 2
The Trade mark EP-TRACER is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

EP-TRACER 2 Stationary

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