Expert opinions

By professionals for professionals. Who could confirm our claim and the quality of our products better than the users themselves? That’s why we have asked them for their opinion. Find out here what they have to say about our products.

“In pediatric cardiology we perform the complete range of diagnostic and catheter-based interventional procedures. In addition to this, we perform invasive diagnosis and treatment of every type of infantile cardiac arrhythmia. We have utilized the Schwarzer Cardiotek heart-catheter monitoring station since 2002 and throughout this time we have benefited from the company’s many years of experience and the high quality of the product. In pediatrics we find the precision of the equipment especially valuable. In addition, the efficiency of the workflow shortens the examination and thus significantly reduces the strain on both the patient and the clinician.”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Paul
Director of the Department of Pediatric Cardiology and Intensive Care Medicine,
Göttingen University Hospital

Dr. Josep Brugada, Professor at the University of Barcelona, cardiologist and electrophysiologist in the Arrhythmia Unit at Clínic Hospital and Pediatric Arrhythmia Unit in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona:

“I have used the electrophysiological systems of Schwarzer Cardiotek for more than 20 years.  I choose this system for the combined benefits of excellent signal quality and portability. The compact system EP-TRACER Portable is run through a laptop allowing me full portability without compromising on quality, and thus I can bring it with me wherever I require; whether within Spain or on humanitarian missions abroad. The easy handling of the EP-TRACER Portable and its full integrated stimulator enables me to work effectively and fast.”

Prof. Josep Brugada
Servei de Cardiologia, Institut Clínic del Tòrax
Hospital Clínic, University of Barcelona

“We use EP-TRACER 2 because of its excellent speed, high quality of intracardiac signals and ease of use.
It enables us to quickly get to precise and reliable results.
We feel that the new software is a real improvement and most beneficial to our studies.”

Dr. Tom de Potter
Associate Director
Cardiovascular Center am OLV Aalst, Belgien

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